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We believe in one on one treatment. Too many facilities today have their therapist treat 3-4 patients
at a time with minimal hands on care. Have you had an experience like this?
You won’t with Dr. O’Rourke.

He believes real Physical Therapy is not simply doing a series of unsupervised exercises that can be done at your home. Dr. O’Rourke is a hands on therapist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of active individuals who are looking to regain their function and eliminate pain.

Dr. O’Rourke believes that a proper orthopedic assessment begins with an analysis of the entire body. Along with a full biomechanical and neurological examination, Dr. O’Rourke will look deeply into your past medical history and training habits to better understand what is causing your problem. Dr. O’Rourke believes that an area of tissue, joint, or nerve dysfunction in one part of the body will affect how the entire system performs. Dr. O’Rourke specializes in the treatment of these dysfunctions through manipulations of soft tissue, joints, and nerves. This treatment is then coupled with a client specific strengthening program to increase your functional strength and capacity. Aside from your hour long, one on one session, Dr. O’Rourke stays in touch with each client throughout the week to lend assistance or guidance to the recovery process. This is real, personal and effective Physical Therapy which empowers each individual to come out of this process better than before.

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Dr. James O’Rourke Physical Therapy
39 East Hanover Ave Suite B-2 Morris Plains, NJ 07950.
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